As we look forward to the next 25 years, we plan to stick to the collective approach that got us here. It underpins our ability to evolve with our ever-changing industry, in ways that are true to this Brand. It’s a heritage that strengthens our capacity to deliver for our customers and the planet, and contribute to snowboarding and skateboarding.

Our success will continue to be a product of the larger Arbor family, and the common goals we share. It’s about Staff who live our values, and drive the collaboration that steers the ship; Team Riders who personify our beliefs, and help lead the product and content development that makes Arbor tangible; Artists who define our ethos with light, color, and imagery; and Dealers who ground us in the realities, inspirations, and needs of our community.

Today, we measure that success in many ways. The quality and performance that our process delivers year-in and year-out. The innovations in sustainability that we continue to offer the market. An understanding of the larger experience our customers seek, and the ability to deliver products that meet those evolving needs. And the lasting impact our give-back efforts have on the natural world. Efforts that allow us to be part of a program that has now planted over 350,000 trees in Hawaii. Returning Roots to the people and place at the genesis of the surf/skate/snow experience.

Arbor’s mission remains – deliver responsible progression by blending forward thinking design and traditional craftsmanship, with sustainable materials and production methods. We’re going to keep having fun doing just that. Thank you for being part of it all.

-Bob Carlson