The Micron

Has Arrived.

The performance of
real wood in a highly
stashable package

Arbor Skateboards Micron Collection Lineup

This new collection from Arbor boasts three new micro shapes that were specifically designed to blend performance, portability, and sustainability. Inspired by 70's surfboard design, the new shapes have a retro vibe, while delivering modern cruiser performance!

As skateboarding continues to move away from plastic, these zippy little gems are made, as always, with sustainably sourced wood for a fun, nimble, socially responsible ride.

Bogart Micron: L: 23.75" | W: 6.75" | WB: 14.00"
Pivot Micron: L: 26.00" | W: 7.50" | WB: 15.00"
Hawkshaw Micron: L: 29.00" | W: 7.25" | WB: 19.25"

Get on board with biodegradable, natural, sustainably sourced hard rock maple! The Micron Collection is available now!